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La mia vacanza nel Milano - My holiday in Milan.

      <----Comedy on the sidewalk in Piazza Duomo

Earlier this year, shadowcollector, Ciadhra and myself went on a fun-filled five day trip to Milan, Italy- the city of art,fashion,style and                                                                                                        baci baci xXx

Mi divertita un mondo!!!

We stayed in the Garibaldi area in a hotel called "The Big Residence" which is only a tram ride away from the centre of Milano. In the "Piazza Duomo" stands the huuuuuge, overbearing, gothic cathedral called "Il Duomo" which took something like 200 years to build as it has lots of intricate statuettes and cornicing. Catching  the aptly named "Schindler's Lift" up to the half-way point, we climbed up the rickety stone steps to the roof. My parents stayed near the lift and when we reached the roof, it was easy to tell why my dad suffered vertigo all the way up there- the people in the square below were like ants. There was a couple up there being shall we say...sacriligious? It was at this point that a member of our group realised her top was inside! Next to the Duomo is "La Galleria" which is an imposing, old shopping centre with a magnificent glass dome, that houses expensive boutiques and shops like Prada,Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Unfortunately we weren't able to purchase the pink travel bag dripping with diamonds that we saw in the window of Louis Vuitton! We also visited the castle/fort just down the road and took pictures by the enormous fountain outside. On another day, we hopped on the train to Switzerland and got off at "Lago Como" or Lake Como, one of the great lakes surrounding Milan. After hitching a lift with the bus driver from hell (the funiculur railway wasn't working) up the narrow mountain passes to the town called Brunate which is situated on the top of the mountain, we caught our breath at the fantastic views of Como from the summit. At night, we took a moonlit boat ride over the lake and the lights from shady coves and houses all around  glowed across the silky water, the lighthouse circling the dark waves with it's golden orb. In Milan we shopped till we dropped, ate in cute little cafes and restaurants and generally had a fab time. I've been to Milan three times now and I'm still in love with the language, the people, the art and the culture. I've found that there's always a pleasant surprise to encounter in Italy : )


(above) shadowcollector/ detail of architecture.                     Fooling around pretending to be saints and gargoyles on roof of Duomo.

(below) View from the Duomo roof- eek!


(below;left) exterior of La Galleria& the busy square.      (below;right) The beautiful glass dome in the centre of La Galleria &hearts;


 <------- Friends by the Roman Arch (behind the castle.)






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