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*First entry fanfare*

So I thought I'd better type up the first entry as I've been a terrible little maintainer.

Firstly, I'd just like to say that this community is all about fun.

Feel free to share your globe-trotting experiences because we are always keen to hear about new and exciting destinations. Try to include pictures/maps/memorabilia of your trip where possible. What was your holiday like? The best time of your life or a complete nightmare? Meet anyone cool or visit any places that completely rocked your world, on your travels? Did you find out something about yourself along the way that you had no idea about before? Were you a dare-devil or was the beach the hottest place to be on vacation? Did you follow the route map or did you go off road into the unknown a bit and see the country at it's worst and best.

Just have fun and write whatever you feel. Love to all the globetrotters ♥

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